Emergency Loan Program

The mission of the Bristol Community College Foundation is to obtain financial support to enhance the ability of Bristol Community College to meet the lifelong educational needs of the growing and changing communities it serves. The Bristol Community College Foundation is a non-profit organization. Through the Emergency Book Loan program, the Foundation helps the Bristol community succeed.

Charitable donations to the Foundation are made by private donors made up of Alumni, local businesses, and community members who believe in our mission. These loans are made possible through donations to support the Bogle Book Loan Fund , Delta Dental Loan Fund, Fletcher-Grocer CIS Loan Fund, Elizabeth A. Milham Loan Fund , Georgina Moniz Memorial Loan Fund, New Bedford Student Book Loan Fund, Albert G. Pierce Loan Fund, Reitzas Loan Fund, Aura Romanovitch Memorial Book Loan Fund.


Only students enrolled in Bristol are eligible for Emergency Loans. Our loan program works directly with financial aid. An applicant must have excess funds from financial aid in his/her disbursement account to cover the loan amount they are applying for. Without any aid, the applicant is not eligible to receive a loan.

The Foundation only loans funds based on documentation provided with actual book/supply cost listed on a syllabus. Loans amounts do not exceed $500.00.

To apply for an Emergency Student Loan, students must come to the Fall River Campus, room D118 to obtain the application or work with a financial aid representative at their prospective campus.

Emergency Loans are issued to a student in the form of a paper Voucher. Funds will not be issued or made payable to a student. All Vouchers expire within 10 days of the issue date.

Emergency Voucher Types:

  • Book Voucher – (Most common) Can only be used at the Bristol Campus Bookstore to purchase program-related supplies listed on a syllabus i.e., books
  • Riverside Art Voucher - Voucher can only be used at Riverside Art to purchase program related supplies for an art class listed on a syllabus
  • Highland Supply Voucher – Voucher can only be used at Highland Supply by Culinary Arts students to purchase culinary supplies listed on a syllabus
  • Company Store Voucher – Voucher can only be used at Company Store to purchase uniforms/attire required by a program and listed on a syllabus
  • Henry Schein Dental – Supports Dental Hygiene students with the costs incurred related to the Dental Hygiene Program

For additional information, contact us at 508.678.2811, ext. 2007.