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General Studies: Health Science

What is the General Studies: Health Science program?

The General Studies: Health Science program is the perfect place to start for students who are unsure about their ultimate career goals, but know that they are interested in a career in healthcare. By taking General Studies, you can begin to build your healthcare education foundation while fulfilling necessary general pre-requisites that are needed to apply to any of BCC’s highly competitive programs such as nursing, occupational therapy assistant or complementary healthcare.

Are there any certificate programs as part of the General Studies curriculum?

An added bonus with the BCC eHealthCareers program is that it has built two certificates, Phlebotomy and/or Emergency Medical Technician, into the General Studies: Health Science degree. This will allow you to become certified in one or both of these fields and be ready to enter the job market quickly. This is well suited for the student that needs to work while continuing to take classes or is still unsure about which program to pursue. Additionally, acquiring a certificate while working on your general courses allows students the chance to gain vital career exposure by working in the field and experiencing additional medical professions.

What can you do after getting your General Studies: Health Science degree?

Many successful Health Science graduates begin their college careers in the General Studies or Liberal Arts programs. Admission to Health Sciences is highly competitive, but this program provides students with a structured way to complete the necessary courses to make themselves more competitive candidates.

What are the requirements to enter the General Studies: Health Sciences program?

  • High school diploma or High School Equivalency Testing certificate.

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eHealth Careers
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